Friday, April 18, 2014

Praising or Blazing

At Jake's (yes, the Jake I rammed off his bicycle) request, I've made a little time to write another blog post.

So, I've recently been afforded the privilege to work with a company in the cannabis industry. As someone who has little [read: zero] experience with cannabis, it has given me an opportunity to learn about an entirely new culture and subject. Despite sounding like an ignorant newb (which I am), I've been learning a lot and am having a great time working with this company. There are dogs everywhere, donuts miraculously appear in the kitchen, and everyone is upbeat and charming...and no...I have not been working with a bunch of hippie pot-heads who choose patchouli over bathing.

All that being said, part of the work I have been doing for this company has involved looking up a myriad of cannabis dispensaries in the west, and I've discovered something rather peculiar...the names of dispensaries could easily pass for young-adult church groups.

I'm serious...Summit Group, 8th Wonder, Have A Heart...goodness, I feel like I'm sitting at a Young Life camp talking about the various devotional groups campers can attend.

So, today, I thought we could play a game: Praising or Blazing - I give you a name, you tell me if it's a dispensary or a church group.

1. Ablaze
2. Pure Intentions
3. Abundance
4. After Glow
5. Green Tree
6. Higher Ground
7. Backdraft
8.Tree of Wellness
9. Deeper Roots
10. Sacred Seed

Context is everything, people.

See below for the answers.

1. Trick question...both!
2. Blazing
3. Praising
4. Praising
5. Blazing
6. Trick question #2...both!
7. Praising
8. Blazing
9. Praising
10. Blazing

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  1. I finally found the comment section! Another gem Kim!

    Side note to the Readers: I'm the Jake that Kim rammed off the bicycle. The psychological and emotional damage is ever present so be vigilant if you decide to join Kim in any physical endeavors. :)